Two Thumbs Up! Film Critic Roger Ebert to Have New TV Show in 2011

Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert announced on his blog that he will have a new TV show called "Roger Ebert presents At the Movies" on PBS beginning Jan 21, 2011.

Roger Corman on the State of B Movies

King of the B movies, Roger Corman, talked to the WJS about the state of low budget movies. He said this is the lowest point he had ever seen for low/medium budget cinema, but there is a ray of hope for the industry in online distribution.

Zynga's Playbook Revealed

Some interesting background on Zynga, the creator of Farmville. A snippet:

"I don't fucking want innovation," the ex-employee recalls Pincus saying. "You're not smarter than your competitor. Just copy what they do and do it until you get their numbers."

In Quotes: News Corp Insider on Phone Hacking by the Company

"You don't get it. If there was a conspiracy in the company, the conspiracy was to keep Rupert from knowing." -- News Corp insider to Michael Wolff on News Corp hacking into the phones of Britain's Princes and other politicians.

WSJ: Duke Nukem Forever to be Released 2011

According to the Wall Street Journal, the video game, Duke Nukem Forever, will be released in 2011 after more than ten years in development. The game is currently being polished by Gearbox Software.

How's the gameplay? Here's how Joystiq described the 15 minutes of the playable demo at PAX: It's like Half-Life ... but with boobs.

In Quotes: Geoff Nunberg on Puns in Country Music

"Since Tennyson's time, punning has been deprecated as the basest form of humor, to the point where it is usually a kind of veiled aggressiveness. Habitual punsters live for groans the way violinists live for applause." -- UC Berkeley professor and linguist Geoff Nunberg opined in a commentary piece about puns in country music.

Twitter and Information Overload

Twitter well-suited for information overload? Only if you follow just a few active users.

Diversify, Diversify, Diversify

There's a saying to not put all of one's eggs in a basket and Ryan Abood of learned this lesson when his business got purged from Google's search results, taking a 80% hit on revenue. Since then he had taken to blogs and other social media sites for lead generation and came out better for it.

Theory on How Bedbugs Infested Google

Here's one commenter's theory on how bedbugs got into Google. Not plausible, but funny nonetheless.

In Quotes: Forrester Research's Nick Thomas on Paywalls

"Are paywalls the answer? They may be an answer — but to the wrong question." -- Forrester Research's Nick Thomas on paywalls

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