Woman Caught Selling Pierced Kittens as Gothic Kitten

Humane officers found three kittens with piercings in various parts of their bodies at a home belonging to a woman in Pennsylvania. Charges will be filed against the woman, they said.

Woman Tried to Smuggle Monkey Under Her Shirt

The 28-year-old Gypsy Lawson and her mother were convicted in Thailand for trying to smuggle a rhesus monkey out of the country by hiding it under her loose-fitting blouse.

Cop Asked To Remove House Cat; Found Mountain Lion Instead

Mountain Lion Police officer Mike Ableman of Casper, WY was called in to remove a "kitty cat" from a woman's house. Instead, the "kitty cat" turned out to be a mountain lion.

Not Even Animals Are Immune From China's Tainted Milk

Sick orangutan due to tainted milk Milk tainted with the chemical melamine has sicken 53, 000 children in China. Now, reports are surfacing that the tainted milk have found its way into other milk-containing products and have sicken animals as well.

Giant Pig Held Woman Hostage

Bruce pig A pig the size of a pony held Caroline Hayes, 63, of Australia hostage in her own home for 10 days.

The 176 pound pig, named Bruce, apparently was let loose by one of the neighbors and somehow entered Hayes' farm, demanding that he be fed. When no food was forthcoming, he got aggressive.

The pig was finally removed by rangers and put on stud duties.

See her interview here.


Animal Group Launches Manhunt For Kangaroo Attacker

Kangaroo attacked The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) in Western Australia is looking for the youth responsible for knocking a kangaroo unconscious in an online video.

"We are appealing to every media outlet in Australia to help us track down the cowards behind the vicious attack on this kangaroo," said a spokesman.

Read more over at the RSPCA.


Lost Cat Found After Nine Years

Gilly Delaney with Dixie A lost cat and her owners were united after spending nine years apart.

Woman Walks Into A Group Of Sharks

A woman, enjoying the beach in Marina del Rey, California, had a close call with a group of sharks.

Oblivious to a group of sharks directly in front of her, the woman preceded to walk toward them. When she finally spotted them just a few feet away from her, she began a frantic run toward dry land.

Don't worry though. Those are Leopard sharks and they don't attack humans.

Catch the video below.


8-Month-Old Puppy Scares Off Bear And Her Two Cubs

An 8-month-old puppy named Pawlee drove off a mother bear and her two cubs out of his owner's backyard.

Video: Disabled Tortoise Gets New Set Of Wheels

Disabled tortoise gets a new set of wheels that allows it to move about as well as some unwanted attention.

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