Diversify, Diversify, Diversify

There's a saying to not put all of one's eggs in a basket and Ryan Abood of learned this lesson when his business got purged from Google's search results, taking a 80% hit on revenue. Since then he had taken to blogs and other social media sites for lead generation and came out better for it.

Shoes Thrown at Bush in High Demand

Muntazer al-ZaidiIt might not have been wise for Iraqi reporter/shoe-thrower Muntazer al-Zaidi to chuck his shoes at President Bush during a news conference in Iraq, but the manufacturer of those shoes, Ramazan Baydan, was sure glad he did.

In Quotes: "It's rather embarrassing..."

"It's rather embarrassing when somebody steals my credit cards." -- Visa CEO Joseph Saunders told conference attendees in New York about losing his wallet.

Russian Businessman Trademarked the Emoticon ;); Will Try to Get Companies to Pay Up

The Russian businessman Oleg Teterin said he had been granted the trademark for the emoticon ;) by Russia's patent agency and that companies using it without a license will have to pay up.

3-Ply Tissue Paper Coming

3 ply Quilted Northern Quilted Northern launches a 3-ply tissue paper, claiming that it "delivers a luxurious, spa-like experience to consumers during every trip to the bathroom."

According to company literature, the new 3-ply paper uses the same amount of raw fiber per roll as the 2-ply but is stronger and more absorbant.

If this tissue paper can claim to deliver "spa-like" experiences, it raises the question: What exactly are people doing in their spas?


United Stock Plunge: How It Happened

United A six-year-old Chicago Tribune story about United Airlines entering bankruptcy caused a massive sell off of the company's stock, resulting in the stock losing 75% of its value before trading was halted. Here's what happened.

Old Report Causes United Stocks To Drop

United Airlines A six-year-old Chicago Tribune report about United Airlines entering bankruptcy resurfaced on the Bloomberg News wire early Monday morning, causing the company's stock to drop to $1.38, before trading was suspending at 11:08 AM, from Friday's close of $12.30.

Supposedly, someone at the Miami-based investment firm Income Securities Advisor posted the incorrectly dated report to Bloomberg. That person was using Google to search for information about bankruptcies when the Sun-Sentinel's republishing of the Tribune report turned up in the first result and that person thought it was current.

As of this writing, the stock has recovered to close at $10.92 per share.


Coca-Cola To Strengthen China Foothold, Offers $2.4 Billion For Chinese Juice Company

Coca-cola The juice market in China is expected to see double digit growth this year and Coca-Cola, the world largest soft drinks maker, is hoping to ride that wave by offering $2.4 billion to buy the country's market leader, Huiyuan Juice Group, according to Bloomberg.

People in China seem to prefer the healthier fruit and vegetable juices over the carbonated drinks.

Huiyuan is the leader with 10.3 percent share of the juice market while Coca-Cola, through its Minute Maid brand, has 9.7 percent. Pepsi, on the other hand, has less than 1 percent of the market.

The deal will have to be approved by the Chinese government, and Coca-Cola may have some difficulties there, according to Xinhua.

Mei Xinyu, a researcher under the Ministry of Commerce, says there are two main issues the can get in the way of the acquisition.

"There are two main difficulties. One is the large size of the two companies, which will raise concerns about monopolies. The second is that the brand of Huiyuan is considered to be protected as a famous domestic brand," Mei told Xinhua.


Candies Getting A Price Increase

M&Ms and other sweets are going to be a lot more costly. Mars Inc., the maker of Snickers, Skittles, and other snack foods, said it is raising prices on some of its products due to the higher cost of doing business.

Bank Of America Mistakenly Gives Exploding Dye Pack To Customer

When Laila Cheikh went to Bank of America to get money for her cab company's payroll, the bank clerk mistakenly placed a dye pack in the bag along with the cash. That dye pack exploded and ruined the money, not to mention her car as well.

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