New Grapes Fetched Top Dollars At Auction

A Japanese hotel manager paid top dollars for a bunch of grapes at a fruit auction. How much?

Limited Edition Cars That Weren't; Buyers Send In Lawyers

When buyers of the limited edition 2007 Roush Stage 3 BlackJack, a modified Ford Mustang, bought the cars, they thought they were getting some special, thinking only 100 of those had been produced. Turns out the limited edition isn't so limited after all.

JetBlue Charges For Pillow And Blanket

If a passenger wants a pillow and blanket on JetBlue flights, they'll have to pay up.

Queen Victoria's Underwear Sold For Nearly $9k At Auction

A pair of underwear belonging to Queen Victoria is sold for £4,500 or about $8915.85 at an auction in Derby, England.

Starbucks Will Get Harder To Find In Australia

The majority of the Starbucks store closures may be in the U.S. (~600 stores), but Australia is being hit hard too.

Japan Getting Eel Drink

Japan, the land of all that's good and weird, is getting a new bottled breveage, except the one of the main ingredients may give some pause.

Netflix Closing Red Envelope

After two years, Netflix is shuttering Red Envelope Entertainment, a division tasked with funding, acquiring and distributing indie films under its own label.

VIZ Media Sets Up Movie Production House

Following the footsteps of a comic book companies like Marvel, VIZ Media, the U.S. publisher of Japanese graphic novels, has formed a production house to develop its many titles into potential movies, according to Variety.

Survey: London Most Expensive Place To Park Your Car

According to a survey by real estate firm Colliers International, London is the most expensive place to park your car in the world. Just how expensive? Try $68.07 per day or $1,166.87 per month on average in the City. London's West End is a little cheaper, but not by much at $62.23 per day or $1,135.76 per month.

Mattel The Victor In Bratz Trial

The jury found in favor of toy giant Mattel today in its suit against MGA Entertainment, the maker of the Bratz doll line.

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