General Motors Plan More Cuts

General Motors, one of the big three Detroit automakers, announced that they will try and cut expenses by $15 billion by the end of next year.

How? The usual job cuts, plant closures, and benefit reductions.

Pressure Getting To Jerry Yang?

Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang took over as CEO of the company roughly one year ago, and, already, he had been through things no rookie CEO should go through such as the downward spiral of Yahoo's stock price, top level exec departures, shareholder lawsuits, not to mention a proxy battle from renown corporate raider Carl Icahn that might lead to Yang's ouster and the company being delivered into the hands of Microsoft.

Blockbuster Withdraws Bid For Circuit City

Blockbuster announced today that they're withdrawing their bid to acquire Circuit City. According to the press release, they're withdrawing because of market conditions and they didn't like what they saw after doing due diligence.

Life Jacket From Titanic Fetched A Cool $68K At Auction

A battered and blood-stained, but otherwise unused, life jacket believed to be found by a farmer named John James Dunbar off the Halifax shoreline and thought to belong to the Titanic sold for $68,500 at an auction held by Christie's, according to Reuters.

"Naked Cowboy" Sues M&M Maker, Alleging Trademark Infringement

A street performer who calls himself the Naked Cowboy is suing the makers of M&Ms, Mars Inc., for trademark infringement, alleging the company is capitalizing on his image in one of their electronic billboards.

With Olympics Approaching, China Is Approving Fewer Visas

In the name of protecting the Beijing Olympics from terrorists and anyone who may disrupt the Games, China is approving fewer tourist visas, according to the International Herald Tribune.

Deal With Indian Firm May Allow Steven Spielberg To Leave Paramount

It's no secret that Steven Spielberg is unhappy at his new home at Paramount and that he's making plans to move to greener pastures sometime this year. The how part is answered by an article in the Wall Street Journal today.

Farm: Too Many People Eating But Not Paying For Strawberries

Hacker's Fruit Farm in the UK has offered people to come in and pick their own strawberries for at least 40 years, but they are ending that tradition. Too many people eating and but are not paying for the strawberries.

Restaurant Shut Down Because Of Turtle And Other Violations

The Panda Chinese Kitchen in New York was shut down last week when health inspectors found a snapping turtle in the sink, among other code violations.

Bratz Creator Admitted To Shopping Concept Around While Under Mattel's Employment

Carter Bryant, the creator of the Bratz dolls, admitted on the witness stand that he came up with the Bratz doll line while working for Mattel.

Bryant said he took the drawings to an agency that shops around concepts by artists like him, but he didn't think he was doing anything wrong.

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