A Black Watermelon Fetched $6k At Auction

A black-skinned or Densuke watermelon weighing 17 pounds got a winning bid of $6,100 at an auction in Japan on Friday.

Apparently, this type of watermelon taste different than the regular watermelons found at the supermarkets.

eBay: Is The Auction Over?

With growth slowing over at eBay, the auction giant is trying out new things to spur growth. One of things, according to BusinessWeek, may be to de-emphasize dynamic pricing, the auction model that the company was built on, and put more emphasis on fixed prices.

Wolfgang Puck In A Food Fight

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck is involved in a dispute with another Wolfgang, namely Wolfgang Zwiener, according to BusinessWeek.

When Zwiener opened a steakhouse called Wolfgang's Steakhouse on May 1st, 2008 on Los Angeles a couple of blocks away from Puck's own, Puck decided enough is enough. It's time to call in the lawyers.

Owner of Barbie Says They Own Bratz As Well

Toy company Mattel says the pouty-lipped doll line Bratz rightfully belongs to them and they're battling it out with MGA Entertainment in court to prove it.

At the center of this court battle is toy designer Carter Bryant. Mattel contends that the designer came up with the design for Bratz while in Mattel's employment, a contention Bratz maker MGA denies.

Hello Kitty Named Japan's Tourism Ambassador

According to the Associated Press, Japan just named Hello Kitty one of its tourism ambassadors for China and Hong Kong. She/it is the first fictional character filling this role. Is there nothing Hello Kitty can't do or its face can't adorn?

Wine To Come In Juice Box-Sized Cartons

Will wine in juice box cartons take off? Wine producer Cordier Mestrezat certainly hopes so. Called Tandem, these 8.5 oz boxes will start selling in London next month.

"Instead of buying a soda to go with their sandwich, people might want a bit of Bordeaux.

Rice Cartel Idea Bagged

A cartel to control the price of rice on the world market just like OPEC with oil; what a marvelous idea. Not. The idea was being pushed by Thailand who tried to get Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos to sign up.

Warner Bros Didn't Get Indie

Last Thursday, Warner Bros announced that they were shuttering their specialty divisions, Warner Independent Pictures and Picturehouse, because of pressure to cut cost by their parent Time Warner.

Circuit City Settles Proxy Fight; Opens Books To Blockbuster

Blockbuster came one step closer to acquiring the beleaguered electronic chain, Circuit City, Friday. Circuit City agreed to open its books to the video rental company after succumbing to pressure from one of its larger shareholders, Wattles Capital Management. Not only that, but should Blockbuster failed to secure financing to move the deal forward, Carl Icahn and/or his affiliates will step in and buy the electronic chain, given everything checked out.

Warner Bros. Loses Independent Voices

Both Warner Independent Pictures and Picturehouse will be closed down, Time Warner, their corporate parent said this Thursday. WIP and Picturehouse are both specialty arms of Warner Bros and New Line Cinema, respectively, and they focus on movies with budget usually under $30 million.

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