Dreamworks/Paramount Upcoming Divorce

DreamWorks and Viacom, parent company of Paramount, may be ready for a divorce after their arranged $1.6 billion marriage back in December 2005.

LA Times' Patrick Goldstein wrote a piece this Tuesday noting that DreamWorks co-founder David Geffen is considering leaving Paramount in August over disagreements with his corporate bosses at Viacom and Paramount.

Microsoft/Yahoo: A Summary

After a contentious 3 months courtship, Microsoft decided to withdraw its bid to acquire Yahoo last Saturday after last minute negotiations failed to bridge the price gap and make the deal happen. Yahoo wanted $37 and above per share, but Microsoft was only willing to pay $33. Here's a breakdown on what happened.

TV Guide Magazine May Get Shut Down

TV Guide, the supermarket staple people turn to when they want to know what's on TV before its service being largely supplanted by the Internet, may be shuttered, according to

Gemstar-TV Guide, the parent company of the magazine, was purchased by Macrovision, a company specializing in content protection, last December for $2.8 billion.

Blu-ray Uptake Slow Despite Death Of HD DVD

Since Toshiba backed down from the next-gen fight with its competing HD format, one would expect the uptake of Blu-ray to be faster. Not so, reported the New York Times.

Citing a release from the NPD Group, standalone Blu-ray players' sales dropped 40 percent from January to February in the U.S.

Reason Behind Ebay/Craigslist Lawsuit Explained

Why did Ebay sue Craigslist seemingly out of the blue? It turned out New York Times had discovered the answer.

It had something to do with a contract between Ebay and Craigslist when Ebay bought 28.4 percent of Craigslist's shares.

Blockbuster/Circuit City Proposed Merger Has Fans

When Blockbuster made public their intention to acquire the struggling electronic chain Circuit City on April 14th for about $1 billion, everyone was doing a collective "huh?" at the proposed merger. Blockbuster's stock took a plunge to $2.81/share from the previous close of $3.13/share. The stock is currently at up to $3.02 as of this writing.

Olympic Advertisers Caught In The Middle

The Olympic Games is just not only an opportunity for countries to set aside their differences and engage each other in friendly games; it is also a prime opportunity for companies to advertise their brands.

Blockbuster Puts In Bid To Acquire Circuit City

Blockbuster announced this Monday morning that it has put in a bid to acquire the struggling electronics retailer Circuit City chain for at least $6/share, a 54% premium over CC's April 11 closing price.

Can A Set-top Box Save Blockbuster?

Blockbuster will be jumping into the movie streaming business with its own set-top box and will announce the service sometime this month, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The device will connect to the TV and will allow people to rent and, presumably, buy movies and TV shows over the internet.

H&M Is Europe's Top Brand

You've seen those H&M stores popping up in malls across the U.S., 146 of them as of Feb 29,2008 to be exact. You may even have been in one. What you probably don't know is H&M is Europe's top brand according to consulting firm Interbrand.

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