King of Pop Michael Jackson Dead

Pop singer Michael Jackson has died in a LA hospital at the age of 50. Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson's personal doctor, said the entertainer was unconcious but still had a faint pulse when he got to him. While attempting to resuscitate Jackson through CPR, the doctor instructed one of Jackson's staff member to call 911.

When the paramedics arrived at Jackson's Bel-Air residence, they discovered he was not breathing. Jackson was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead there.

The cause of death is being investigated, with the results weeks away. Prescription drugs is being looked at as a possible culprit.

Update 8/24/2009:
Jackson's death ruled a homicide by the Los Angeles county coroner. Tests found that there were leathal amounts of the anesthetic propofol in the entertainer's body.

Fame Has Gone to Zhang Ziyi's Head!

International stardom may have caused Zhang Ziyi's head to swell, but I didn't know how bad the situation has become. Original here.


Zhang Ziyi's big head

In Quotes: "Scarlett's first day on set ..."

"Scarlett's first day on set in the Black Widow outfit. You've never heard a crew get so quiet so fast." -- Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau on Scarlett Johansson via Twitter.

When Headlines Get Unfortunately Chopped Off ...

Liz Smith, the 86-year-old gossip columnist, was let go by the New York Post this week. Unfortunately, a missing word from a CNN headline made the story about her firing looked like one about her love life.

Paris Hilton Robbed

A man wearing a hooded sweatshirt and gloves broke into Paris Hilton's LA home in the early morning and made off with jewelry worth an estimated $2 million. She was not home at the time of the burglary. Went clubbing, perhaps?

Guy Ritchie Gets Up to $92M in Divorce Settlement With Madonna

Madonna and Guy RitchieMadonna has agreed to pay ex-hubbie British director Guy Ritchie up to $92 million as part of their divorce settlement. The two calls it quit in October after being married for nearly eight years.

Britney Spears "Circus" CD To Top Sales Charts

In spite of her personal troubles which unfolded in a very public way, Britney Spears latest CD "Circus" is expected to top sales charts, estimated to have sold around 500, 000 copies in the first week of release, according to her label Jive Records.

Ed McMahon Raps In Forthcoming Online Video

Ed McMahon raps Former "Star Search" host Ed McMahon will go gansta in a rap video for FreeCreditReport.com.

In the video, coming to an online video outlet near you in October, McMahon will rap about his credit problems and his recent brush with foreclosure on his mansion.

Here's a sample of the lyrics,

"When I retired, I was famous/I had money and glory/I bought a house for 6 mill/I thought nothing could touch me/Until my credit went south, and debt started to crunch me/Next thing I know, instead of playing gin rummy, I was scrambling just to make ends meet/It wasn't funny."

Of course, what is a rap video without scantily clad women. Well, it has those too.


Actor Michael Douglas Fields Questions About Wall Street Meltdown

Michael Douglas Actor and UN Messenger of Peace Michael Douglas was asked compare the nuclear Armageddon with financial crisis happening on Wall Street during the UN Nuclear Test Ban Treaty panel.

After Douglas' answer, a reporter tried to have fun with him by asking, "Are you saying Gordon that greed is not good?"

To which, Douglas replied, "I'm not saying that. And my name is not Gordon. He's a character I played 20 years ago."


Governator Faces Recall

Arnold Schwarzenegger According to the LA Times, the well-funded California Correctional Peace Officers Association is initiating a recall against California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"This is a governor that has done absolutely nothing. We have the largest budget deficit in the history of California. We have one of the longest budget stalemates," the association's spokesman Lance Corcoran said.

Schwarzenegger says he won't give in CCPOA.

"I'm not going to get intimidated by those guys. The state should not spend more money than we take in, and their intimidation tactics will not make me change my mind whatsoever, because I happen to not represent the CCPOA. I represent the people of California," he told reporters.

Schwarzenegger himself was elected into the governor's office with the recall of then-Governor Gray Davis in 2003.


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