Edison Chen

Edison Chen Going Hollywood Part II

It looks like Edison Chen, the embattled actor whose salacious photo scandal with various Hong Hong starlets, is trying to break into Hollywood. In an interview with Batgwa.com, his sister Trician Chen was quoted saying, "Edison is very busy in the United States with meetings, casting and has signed with the William Morris Agency."

It's a good thing he's trying to make it in Hollywood, where sex scandals are used as a promotional tool and there's a rehab clinic for every human failings.

Update 6/2/09: Edison talked to CNN about his ordeal, maintaining that he was as much a victim as those women in the photos he took.

Edison Chen Going Hollywood?

Edison Chen, remember him? His twitchy finger with the camera had cost him a career in Hong Kong's entertainment industry. You think his self-imposed exiled would be the end of this saga, but wait! According to Radar, he was behind the leaks all along.

Edison Chen Halts Showbiz Career Amid Sex Photo Scandal

Edison ChenEdison Chen apologized for the sex photos leaked to the internet and announced that he will put his showbiz career on indefinite hold in a press conference.

"I will be away from Hong Kong entertainment indefinitely. There is no time frame," he said.

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