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As of September 3, 2009, there are 9,079 cases and 593 deaths due to the swine flu in the United States.

Oliver Twist Didn't Need More Said Experts

We've all knew Oliver Twist asked for an extra helping of gruel in Charles Dickens novel about the boy, but if Twist was a normal nine-year-old, then he really shouldn't need any more, experts said.

Studies: Vitamins Do Not Reduce Cancer Risk

VitaminsTwo major studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that taking vitamins did not significantly reduce or prevent cancer.

Passionate Kiss Left Woman With Partial Hearing Loss

A young woman from Zhuhai, Guangdong province has partial hearing loss in her left ear thanks to an especially "passionate kiss" from her boyfriend.

According to ear specialist Dr. Li at the Zhuhai Second People's Hospital, "...the kiss reduced the pressure in the mouth, pulled the eardrum out and caused the breakdown of the ear."

The woman's hearing is expected to return in about two months.

PETA Wants Ben & Jerry To Use Human Milk In Their Ice Cream; B&J Declines

Ben & Jerry The animal rights group PETA sent a letter asking the maker of Ben & Jerry ice cream to use human milk in their products. Ben & Jerry thanked PETA for the suggestion and then said no thanks.

Not Even Animals Are Immune From China's Tainted Milk

Sick orangutan due to tainted milk Milk tainted with the chemical melamine has sicken 53, 000 children in China. Now, reports are surfacing that the tainted milk have found its way into other milk-containing products and have sicken animals as well.

Studies: Brushing Teeth Can Help Avoid Heart Disease

Heart The mouth is full of bacteria and should the wrong kind of bacteria get into the bloodstream via an open wound, they could cause platelets to clump together or cause the arteries to harden, leading to heart attacks or stokes, according to a pair of studies.

"In other words, it doesn't matter how fit, slim or healthy you are, you're adding to your chances of getting heart disease by having bad teeth," said University of Bristol research Howard Jenkins.

Read the AFP report.


Research: Being Direct Raises Sex Appeal

Male/female symbol According to a UK researcher, telling someone 'I love you' or making eye contact and smiling raises one's sex appeal.

In Aberdeen University psychologist Dr. Ben Jones's study, 230 men and women were shown flash cards with people's faces displaying different expressions. They were asked to rate the attractiveness of the individuals.

Faces that were smiling and seemingly making eye contact were rated higher than others.

University of Durham psychologist Dr Lynda Boothroyd said it best, "We like it when attractive people seem to be behaving positively towards us."

Read the rest of the BBC report.


59-Year-Old Gives Birth To Triplets

A 59-year-old French woman gave birth to triplets, two boys and a girl in a Paris hospital.

Since France outlawed giving fertility treatments to women no longer of child baring age, she had to go to Vietnam to receive those treatments.

Read more here.

British Woman Lived On £1 A Day For A Year

Kath Kelly On a drunken bet, 47-year-old Kath Kelly managed to live on £1 a day (a little under two US dollars) for a year. How did she do it?

Since she had her rent paid off for the entire year, all she had to worry about was food and transportation.

Here are some of her tips for getting by:

- Get free food wherever you can.
- Pick fruits from bushes and trees.
- Bike or hitch hike to get to where you want to go.
- Never ignore market researchers since they often have free samples.
- Leave notes instead of making phone calls.

At the end of her ordeal, she even found love.

Read more over at the Daily Mail.


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