What an Informative Caption

No! Really? Without the caption, I would have no idea what's going on in the picture. Read the original article here.

Time Starbuck article




Max Planck Institute Mistakenly Prints Macau Brothel Ad on Journal Cover; Thought It Was Poetry

The Max Planck Institute in German was embarrassed to learn that the "poetry" that graced their special issue on China was effectively an ad for a brothel in Macau promising, among other things, "hot housewives in action."

How Did China Handle The Murder Of Todd Bachman?

The father-in-law of US men's volleyball team coach was fatally stabbed and his mother-in-law was seriously injured by a lone Chinese man while sightseeing in Beijing on August 9.

SF Chron Reducing Staff

San Francisco Chronicle, the paper of record for the Bay Area, says it seeks to reduce its headcount by 125 before the end of the year by offering buyout offers to all employees who are not represented by a union as well as employees who are represented by the Northern California Media Workers' Guild.

VIZ Media Sets Up Movie Production House

Following the footsteps of a comic book companies like Marvel, VIZ Media, the U.S. publisher of Japanese graphic novels, has formed a production house to develop its many titles into potential movies, according to Variety.

LA Times Columnist On Why His Paper Is Worth 50 Cents

LA Times columnist Steve Lopez wrote a piece on why The Times is a bargain at 50 cents. After going into how he and those of his ilk loved their job and how much blood, sweat, and tears the reporters put in to bring readers the important stories, when it comes down to it, it's really about the coupons in the print editions.

Blockbuster Withdraws Bid For Circuit City

Blockbuster announced today that they're withdrawing their bid to acquire Circuit City. According to the press release, they're withdrawing because of market conditions and they didn't like what they saw after doing due diligence.

Warner Bros Didn't Get Indie

Last Thursday, Warner Bros announced that they were shuttering their specialty divisions, Warner Independent Pictures and Picturehouse, because of pressure to cut cost by their parent Time Warner.

Warner Bros. Loses Independent Voices

Both Warner Independent Pictures and Picturehouse will be closed down, Time Warner, their corporate parent said this Thursday. WIP and Picturehouse are both specialty arms of Warner Bros and New Line Cinema, respectively, and they focus on movies with budget usually under $30 million.

April Fools' Day: The List

It's April 1st and we all know what that means: April Fools' Day. A healthy dose of skepticism is strongly advised as you as you browse the internet today or else you may fall victim to the many pranksters on this day.

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