Stan Lee Has Another Cameo

One of the "news" coming out of Comic-Con is that comic book legend Stan Lee will have a cameo in the "X-Men" spin-off "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," the movie featuring the title character played by Hugh Jackman.

Harold And Kumar Going Places Again

After going to White Castle and escaping from Guantanamo Bay, Harold and Kumar, the pot-smoking duo played by John Cho and Kal Penn, are heading for a third big screen adventure, according to Variety.

Netflix Closing Red Envelope

After two years, Netflix is shuttering Red Envelope Entertainment, a division tasked with funding, acquiring and distributing indie films under its own label.

Dark Knight Star Christian Bale Arrested On Assault Charges

*Updated with why Bale lashed out at mother* Christian Bale, the star of the record-breaking movie "The Dark Knight," was arrested and questioned for four hours before being released at the Belgravia police station in the UK on June 22.

Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper No Longer "At The Movies..."

After eight years working alongside film critic Roger Ebert on "At the Movies with Ebert & Roeper," Richard Roeper is parting ways with the TV show after failing to come to an agreement with Disney, the show's producers, over his contract, according to a Sun-Times report.

Djimon Hounsou Snaking His Way Toward Thulsa Doom

Anyone remembers Thulsa Doom, the sorcerer-warlord who had the misfortune to cross Conan the Barbarian? Apparently, Djimon Hounsou does.

VIZ Media Sets Up Movie Production House

Following the footsteps of a comic book companies like Marvel, VIZ Media, the U.S. publisher of Japanese graphic novels, has formed a production house to develop its many titles into potential movies, according to Variety.

Chinese Artist Zhao Bandi Sues DreamWorks Over Kung Fu Panda, Proving He's Not All There

Zhao Bandi, an artist known for using panda imagery in his works, is suing DreamWorks for what he sees as a insult on the Chinese people in the movie "Kung Fu Panda." He demands an apology from DreamWorks.

Watchmen Photos

John Woo To Direct Caliber ... Whenever

While it is no where close to the musical he wanted direct, "Caliber," based on the comic book of the same name, is on the list of movies John Woo will be directing, according to Variety.

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