Marvel Looking Toward Justin Theroux To Pen Iron Man 2 Script

With the critical and box office success of "Iron Man," it's no wonder Marvel wants to get the sequel party started.

The trades are reporting that Marvel is finalizing talks with Justin Theroux about him penning the script for "Iron Man 2."

Judge Allows Wesley Snipes To Leave The Country

Wesley Snipes' petition to leave the country to work on two films, "Gallowwalker" and "Chasing the Dragon," has been granted, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Helena Bonham Carter May Join "Terminator Salvation" As Main Villain

Access Hollywood is reporting that Helena Bonham Carter is in talks to join "Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins" as the main villain. While it is not clear whether she will play a human or a machine, The Hollywood Reporter says insiders described her role as "small but pivotal."

Another "300" Movie In The Works

When I asked Gerard Butler at Wonder-Con 2007 whether or not he's open to another "300" movie should it proved successful, he answered that another movie would be impossible to pull off since, you know, he dies at the end.

"Finding Nemo" May Cause Clownfish To Become Endangered

This is probably not what the filmmakers over at Pixar had in mind when they made "Finding Nemo," but since the film's release in 2003, the population of clownfish in the wild has been on the decline and it may be put on the endangered list.

Steven Spielberg To Direct "The 39 Clues"

Steven Spielberg has another project lined up for him to direct. According to Variety, DreamWorks has acquired the film rights to the multi-volume adventure series, "The 39 Clues."

Megan Fox On Transformers 2

In an interview with MTV Movies Blog, Megan Fox shed some light on the next "Transformers" movie, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."

Spider-Man 4 Is Three Years Away

According to producer Laura Ziskin, "Spider-Man 4" is tentatively scheduled for May 2011. She said that Sony is hopeful the movie will be ready by then even though there is currently no screenplay and that neither director Sam Raimi nor any of the principal cast have committed to return.

Deal With Indian Firm May Allow Steven Spielberg To Leave Paramount

It's no secret that Steven Spielberg is unhappy at his new home at Paramount and that he's making plans to move to greener pastures sometime this year. The how part is answered by an article in the Wall Street Journal today.

Lens Wiseman Directing Gears Of War Movie

Lens Wiseman has been hired to direct the movie adaptation of "Gears of War," a popular game on the Xbox 360 game system. Wiseman previously directed the two "Underworld" movies, starring his ex-wife Kate Beckinsale, and the fourth "Die Hard" movie.

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