Britney Spears "Circus" CD To Top Sales Charts

In spite of her personal troubles which unfolded in a very public way, Britney Spears latest CD "Circus" is expected to top sales charts, estimated to have sold around 500, 000 copies in the first week of release, according to her label Jive Records.

Professor: Your Taste In Music Says Much About You

There is a link between your musical taste and your personality, says Scotland's Heriot-Watt University professor Adrian North.

"Researchers have been showing for decades that fans of rock and rap are rebellious, and that fans of opera are wealthy and well-educated," North said.

"But this is the first time that research has shown that personality links to liking for a wide range of musical styles."

Here are some of the conclusions from his research per the Reuters article,

The study concluded that jazz and classical music fans are creative with good self-esteem, although the former are much more outgoing whereas the latter are shy.

Country and western fans were found to be hardworking and shy; rap fans are outgoing and indie lovers lack self-esteem and are not very gentle.

Those who like soul music can take heart as the research concluded they are creative, outgoing, gentle, at ease with themselves and have a high self-esteem.

And if you've ever wondered why people driving expensive sports cars often have music blaring from their vehicle, North could have an explanation.

Those who choose to listen to exciting, punchy music are more likely to be in a higher earning bracket, he says, while those who go for relaxing sounds tend to be lower down the pay scale.

Leaker of Guns N' Roses Songs Arrested; Wants Good Lawyer

Kevin Cogill, the blogger who leaked nine songs on the internet from the band Guns N' Roses' forthcoming album, has been arrested by the FBI and charged in court.

Sheryl Crow Rocks The Vote With Free Album

Want to get young people interested in politics? Bribe them.

"Amazed" UK's Top Wedding Song

Don't know what the most popular song played at weddings is elsewhere, but in the UK, it's "Amazed" by the US band Lonestar. It is followed by Bryan Adams' "Everything I Do," and Robbie Williams' "Angels," according to (what else?) a survey of UK wedding DJs compiled by the Performing Right Society.

The Wonder Of Mariah Carey

With the release of her latest single, "Touch My Body," Mariah Carey now has more number one singles, at 18, than Elvis Presley, according to the Billboard Hot 100 list.

Turns Out Album Reviews On Maxim Are Fake Too

Maxim, the magazine known for its pictorials of scantily clad women, had been caught with its pants down, so to speak, in fabricating not one but two album reviews. The Black Crowes called them out when the magazine gave their new album, Warpaint, 2.5 stars.

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