What an Informative Caption

No! Really? Without the caption, I would have no idea what's going on in the picture. Read the original article here.

Time Starbuck article




Starbucks Will Get Harder To Find In Australia

The majority of the Starbucks store closures may be in the U.S. (~600 stores), but Australia is being hit hard too.

Starbucks Hopes New Blend Will Perk Up Sales

Starbucks has a new blend it calls Pike Place Roast it hopes can jump start the company amid slowing growth. It will be available everyday "alongside the traditional 'Morning Pick' for customers desiring a flavor adventure," the company says.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz's TAC #8 Decoded

With Starbucks' stock price falling to early 2004 levels, returning CEO Howard Schultz mandated a three and a half hour closure of all the chain's nearly 7,100 retail stores for a "historic in-store education and training event." Its competitors took advantage of the temporary store closures to offer their coffees either for free or at reduced rates.

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