Airbag For People

Airbag for people Wish you can have wearable airbags like those in cars to break falls? Now you can.

The Japanese company Prop has developed an airbag system for the elderly to protect themselves from serious injury due to a fall.

The device, which wraps around the body and has a airbag behind the head and one around the hips, can sense when the wearer is falling and will inflate the airbags within 0.1 seconds.

The only problem? Like adult diapers, the elderly probably wouldn't want to be caught dead wearing one, if they have a choice.


USB Stick Containing Sensitive Info Found At UK Nightclub

USB stick A USB stick outlining the training of 70 UK soldiers were found on the floor The Beach night club in Newquay, Cornwall.

Amazon Tapped By OLPC To Sell XO Laptop

Amazon After experiencing problems with fulfilling orders with its Give 1 Get 1 promotion last year, the One Laptop Per Child organization is partnering with Amazon for their next G1G1 in November.

The G1G1 promotion allows one to pay around $400 for two low-cost laptops, one for the buyer and the other one for the school children in developing nations. The laptops are meant to encourage learning.

To learn more about the XO laptop, go here.


Survey: DVR Improves Relationships

NDS According to a survey by digital video recorder manufacturer NDS, DVRs can save relationships.

"The survey also reveals that owning a DVR can make for a happier, less stressful home life. 81% of respondents with families believe that having a DVR has improved family life – allowing for more time to eat dinner together, fewer arguments over what to watch and more family time around the television. Having a DVR also seems to improve relations between the sexes, with respondents who have partners saying that using a DVR has improved their relationship with their partner (79%)."

Read their press release here.


Apple CEO Obit Accidentally Published; Steve Jobs Not Really Dead

Steve Jobs If Apple CEO Steve Jobs was reading the Bloomberg news wire yesterday, he might have come across his own obituary.

Newspapers routinely write and update obituaries for notable public figures just in case the unexpected happen, except in this case, Bloomberg inadvertently published theirs for Steve Jobs. They had since issued a retraction.

Questions about Jobs health had surfaced at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2008) in June. His gaunt appearance suggested to some observers that he might be battling cancer again, a speculation Jobs denied/didn't want to talk about.

Apple fans will happy to hear that the news of Steve Jobs death has been greatly exaggerated. He's alive and well and working to bring out the next iteration of the iPod or some other gizmo.

Update 8/29/2008:
No person was sacked nor any heads were rolled for this mistake.

Photo: Courtesy of Apple



Not Even NASA Is Immune From Computer Viruses

Guarding a computer from virus infection is apparently harder than it looks. Not even bright folks over at NASA are immune.

Apple Sues Clone Maker Psystar

When news surfaced early this year that a Florida company called Psystar was selling computers with Apple's operating system pre-installed, many wondered when Apple is going to go after them.

Well, that day is here.

New iPhone: Faster and Cheaper

The biggest news of the day is probably the unveiling of Apple Inc's new iPhone. Instead of the slower EDGE networks used by the first generation iPhones, the new iPhones can now use the speedier 3G networks that is roughly 2.4x faster by Apple's estimates.

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