Bank Of America Mistakenly Gives Exploding Dye Pack To Customer

When Laila Cheikh went to Bank of America to get money for her cab company's payroll, the bank clerk mistakenly placed a dye pack in the bag along with the cash. That dye pack exploded and ruined the money, not to mention her car as well.

"The car is really bad. And it smells horrendous. If you drive down the road you get an itchy feeling," she told Daily Press (via USA Today).

The dye pack, which explodes and marks the money as stolen, is given to robbers to make them think twice about using the bills.

BoA, of course, apologized to the woman and will reimburse her for the cleanup.

The lesson here is to not withdraw huge amount of money or else BoA employees will think you're a robber.

Go here to get a primer on how these dye packs work.