Cop Asked To Remove House Cat; Found Mountain Lion Instead

Mountain Lion Police officer Mike Ableman of Casper, WY was called in to remove a "kitty cat" from a woman's house. Instead, the "kitty cat" turned out to be a mountain lion.

Beverly Hood found the mountain lion lying on her front porch, thinking it was just a house cat since it was so well groomed. Seeing her, the mountain lion got up, hissed at her and proceeded to its bed in her backyard.

"I wasn't scared. I just thought, 'Whoops, I'm not going out there,'" Hood told the Casper Star-Tribune.

She then called animal control and a variety of government agencies, including 911, to ask for assistance in removing the animal from her yard.

Officer Mike Ableman got dispatched and was assured it was just a house cat.

"It stood up and looked at me, and I ran back in the house," Ableman said after seeing the mountain lion.

They both waited for the calvary to arrive from the Game and Fish Department.

The lion was tranquilized and relocated.