Roger Corman's THR Interview

Quite a few notable film directors have been influenced by Roger Corman, the king of B movies. They include James Cameron, Ron Howard, and Martin Scorsese among others.

He's back in Cannes for the film festival and, of course, to hawk his wares. Here's a little nugget from his interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

The Hollywood Reporter:
Do you have a favorite memory from Cannes?

Roger Corman:
I was one of the producers on (1982's) "Fitzcarraldo," starring Klaus Kinski. I was at the big party for the film with the director, Werner Herzog, and he said to me, "That crazy Klaus Kinski. We have him at a hotel two blocks away, and he won't walk the two blocks. He wants us to send a limousine." And we were short for money. I said, "You're right." A few minutes later, Klaus came up to me at the party and said, "Werner is too cheap." I said to him, "You are absolutely right, Klaus." I agreed with both of them, because they were both right.

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