Vietnamese Students Suspended For Dressing Up As Borat In 'Mankini'

Students dressed up as Borat in mankini Two students in Vietnam will receive a 12 months suspension from FPT University in Vietnam for performing as Borat in his infamous mankini.

The two men were supposed to be one of the acts in the sponsoring company's 20th anniversary party, but on the spur of the moment, they decided to veer from the script.

Instead of boxing each other to illustrate part of a song, they changed their costume, added fake hair to their bodies and started wrestling each other.

Most of the 4000 people in attendance seemed to approve of their antics, but it was largely condemned on Internet forums.

The college ended up being fined by the country's cultural ministry and two executives being sacked. The two students received a 12 months suspension.

Here's Borat in a mankini,

Borat in mankini