Animal Group Launches Manhunt For Kangaroo Attacker

Kangaroo attacked The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) in Western Australia is looking for the youth responsible for knocking a kangaroo unconscious in an online video.

"We are appealing to every media outlet in Australia to help us track down the cowards behind the vicious attack on this kangaroo," said a spokesman.

Read more over at the RSPCA.


Police Minister Danced In Underwear; Loses Job

Matt Brown Matt Brown, the police minister of New South Wales in Australia, resigned just after three days on the job over reports that he "dirty danced" in his underwear.

He reportedly stripped to his underwear during an office party and danced over the chest of a female colleague, a charge they both denied.

"I want to say categorically, they are lies, they are not true, they did not happen," Brown said.

However, Brown has to go, according to Premier Nathan Rees.

"I subsequently put it to former minister Brown late last night that there too many reports of you in your underwear for me to ignore," Rees told a local radio station.

And so that's how Matt Brown danced his way out of a job.


Ousted Thai PM Samak Renominated For Post And Then Un-nominated

Samak Sundaravej True to their words, Thailand's People's Power Party renominated Samak Sundaravej for the Prime Minister post after the court kicked him out for violating the country's Constitution by accepting payment for appearing in a cooking show he had hosted for seven years before becoming prime minister.

Buzz Lightyear Got Father And Son Through More Than 15 Hours In Shark-Infested Water

Walter Marino and son Walter Marino and his autistic son, Christopher, spent more than 15 hours treading in shark and jellyfish infested water while waiting for rescue. A line from Toy Story got them through.

Grandfather Stole Cash Set Aside For Grand Daughter's Funeral

Thomas Spoors Thomas Spoors broke into his daughter's apartment and stole the money intended for the funeral of his grand daughter. What did he spend the money on?

Man Hires Stripper To Dance At Dad's Funeral

Stripper at funeral Cai Ruigong said he promised his father, Cai Jinlai, that if he lived more than 100 years, he'll have a stripper perform at his funeral. Jinlai lived till 103.

Lost Cat Found After Nine Years

Gilly Delaney with Dixie A lost cat and her owners were united after spending nine years apart.

Britain's PM's Flipflop: Was For Obama, Then He Wasn't

Brown and Obama Britain's Prime Mister Gordon Brown was gushing about the Democratic Party presidential nominee Barack Obama in a magazine article, while ignoring any mentions of John McCain, but was forced to retract his "endorsement" after people in the McCain camp called to complain.

Indiana High School Student Arrested For Speeding And DUI

2000 Toyota Celica A 17-year-old girl was arrested for drunk driving and going 118 MPH in her 2000 Toyota Celica. Her excuse?

United Stock Plunge: How It Happened

United A six-year-old Chicago Tribune story about United Airlines entering bankruptcy caused a massive sell off of the company's stock, resulting in the stock losing 75% of its value before trading was halted. Here's what happened.

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