USB Stick Containing Sensitive Info Found At UK Nightclub

USB stick A USB stick outlining the training of 70 UK soldiers were found on the floor The Beach night club in Newquay, Cornwall.

Cooking Show Caused Thai Prime Minister's Ouster

Samak Sundaravej Despite opposition groups best attempts, they couldn't get Thailand prime minister Samak Sundaravej removed from office. However, a cooking show did.

More specifically, by accepting payment to appear on "Tasting and Complaining," a cooking show Samak hosted for seven years before being appointed prime minister, Samak violated a constitutional ban on private employment while holding pubic office, so the nine-judge Constitutional Court removed him from office.

This may not be the end of Samak's unpopular stint as prime minister though. The ruling party in charge vowed to reinstate him.

Read more over at the NY Times or watch the BBC report.


North Korea Tried To Kill South Korean President Using Martial Arts Group

Choi Jung-hwa North Korean spies infiltrated the International Taekwondo Federation and used its members in an attempt to assassinate South Korean President Chun Doo-hwan, according to Taekwondo master and son of the founder of the ITF, Choi Jung-hwa.

Choi said after his father's death in 2002, North Korean IOC member Chang Ung took control of the ITF and use it for political purposes.

"After taking control of the ITF, the North trained spies and sent them overseas, disguising them as taekwondo masters," Choi said.

Not only that, ITF members, including himself, were ordered to assassinate South Korean President Chun Doo-hwan during his visit to Canada in 1982.

The Canadian police somehow got wind of Choi's plot to kill the South Korean president and he fled to North Korea.

His reason for coming back to South Korea is to settle the feud of the previous generation, he said

Read more over at the Korea Times.


Old Report Causes United Stocks To Drop

United Airlines A six-year-old Chicago Tribune report about United Airlines entering bankruptcy resurfaced on the Bloomberg News wire early Monday morning, causing the company's stock to drop to $1.38, before trading was suspending at 11:08 AM, from Friday's close of $12.30.

Supposedly, someone at the Miami-based investment firm Income Securities Advisor posted the incorrectly dated report to Bloomberg. That person was using Google to search for information about bankruptcies when the Sun-Sentinel's republishing of the Tribune report turned up in the first result and that person thought it was current.

As of this writing, the stock has recovered to close at $10.92 per share.


Governator Faces Recall

Arnold Schwarzenegger According to the LA Times, the well-funded California Correctional Peace Officers Association is initiating a recall against California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"This is a governor that has done absolutely nothing. We have the largest budget deficit in the history of California. We have one of the longest budget stalemates," the association's spokesman Lance Corcoran said.

Schwarzenegger says he won't give in CCPOA.

"I'm not going to get intimidated by those guys. The state should not spend more money than we take in, and their intimidation tactics will not make me change my mind whatsoever, because I happen to not represent the CCPOA. I represent the people of California," he told reporters.

Schwarzenegger himself was elected into the governor's office with the recall of then-Governor Gray Davis in 2003.


Britney Spears Wins At VMAs

Spears at VMAs Britney Spears took home awards for video of the year, best pop video and best female video at this year's MTV Video Music Awards.

Compared to previous VMAs, her performance at the awards show this past Sunday was decidedly un-Britney-like.

There were no snakes, no kisses, and no horribly mangled dance numbers. In fact, all she said was four sentences to open the show and a couple of thank yous when accepting the awards.

Here's what she said to open the VMAs,

"Thank you so much. Thank you for all the love. I'm here tonight to celebrate a very important birthday, the 25th anniversary of the VMAs. This is the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards and it starts right now."


Research: Being Direct Raises Sex Appeal

Male/female symbol According to a UK researcher, telling someone 'I love you' or making eye contact and smiling raises one's sex appeal.

In Aberdeen University psychologist Dr. Ben Jones's study, 230 men and women were shown flash cards with people's faces displaying different expressions. They were asked to rate the attractiveness of the individuals.

Faces that were smiling and seemingly making eye contact were rated higher than others.

University of Durham psychologist Dr Lynda Boothroyd said it best, "We like it when attractive people seem to be behaving positively towards us."

Read the rest of the BBC report.


59-Year-Old Gives Birth To Triplets

A 59-year-old French woman gave birth to triplets, two boys and a girl in a Paris hospital.

Since France outlawed giving fertility treatments to women no longer of child baring age, she had to go to Vietnam to receive those treatments.

Read more here.

Update: Man With 86 Wives Divorces 82 Of Them...Or Not

Mohammed Bello Abubakar Mohammadu Bello Abubakar had 86 wives, 82 more than allow by Sharia law. Unless he divorces 82 of them, he will face the death penalty.

The death sentence was eventually lifted, but he faced eviction from his home.

On August 31, he eventually agreed to the divorces.

For the back story, go here.

Update 9/9/2008:
According to Reuters, Abubakar has won a reprieve from eviction while the courts decide his case. As for him divorcing his wives, Abubakar's spokesman denied the reports that appeared in some newspapers and said Abubakar intended to marry even more.


Professor: Your Taste In Music Says Much About You

There is a link between your musical taste and your personality, says Scotland's Heriot-Watt University professor Adrian North.

"Researchers have been showing for decades that fans of rock and rap are rebellious, and that fans of opera are wealthy and well-educated," North said.

"But this is the first time that research has shown that personality links to liking for a wide range of musical styles."

Here are some of the conclusions from his research per the Reuters article,

The study concluded that jazz and classical music fans are creative with good self-esteem, although the former are much more outgoing whereas the latter are shy.

Country and western fans were found to be hardworking and shy; rap fans are outgoing and indie lovers lack self-esteem and are not very gentle.

Those who like soul music can take heart as the research concluded they are creative, outgoing, gentle, at ease with themselves and have a high self-esteem.

And if you've ever wondered why people driving expensive sports cars often have music blaring from their vehicle, North could have an explanation.

Those who choose to listen to exciting, punchy music are more likely to be in a higher earning bracket, he says, while those who go for relaxing sounds tend to be lower down the pay scale.

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