Woman Caught Selling Pierced Kittens as Gothic Kitten

Humane officers found three kittens with piercings in various parts of their bodies at a home belonging to a woman in Pennsylvania. Charges will be filed against the woman, they said.

Pilot With 30 Years of Experience Turned Plane Around Because of Fog

Flybe planePassengers heading to Paris from the UK was shocked to learn that their plane had to head back due to dense fog. The reason for their u-turn was that the pilot, who had 30 years of experience flying commercially, was not qualified to land in fog.

First US Face Transplant Successful

Face transplantSurgeons were able to replace 80 percent of a woman's face with that of a cadaver's, the fourth of such operations in the world.

German Couple Name Kid After Hitler; Denied Birthday Cake

Adolf Hitler CampbellDad of three-year-old who named his son Adolf Hitler Campbell asked for tolerance when he learned that the ShopRite in Greenwich refused to make a birthday cake with his son's name on it.

Guy Ritchie Gets Up to $92M in Divorce Settlement With Madonna

Madonna and Guy RitchieMadonna has agreed to pay ex-hubbie British director Guy Ritchie up to $92 million as part of their divorce settlement. The two calls it quit in October after being married for nearly eight years.

President Bush Escaped Harm; Press Secretary Did Not

Dana PerinoWhile no physical harm came to President Bush during his Iraq trip, the same could not be said of his press secretary, Dana Perino. After a local reporter threw his shoes the the U.S. president, and missed, security guards rushing toward the perpetrator knocked a microphone into the face of Ms Perino. She now sports a bruise under her right eye from the stray microphone.

Study: Romantic Comedies Bad for Relationships

A study by Heriot Watt University claims that watching romantic comedies is bad for relationship because they promote unrealistic expectations.

Man Gets Jail Term For Trying to Suffocate Prostitute

An Australian man was sentenced to two years in prison for trying to suffocate a prostitute, in hopes of rendering her unconscious so he could get his money back.

In Quotes: "We were worried that some of the young people..."

"We were worried that some of the young people were being groomed by the more criminal element and pressured by their peers." -- The Association of Chief Police Officers on the prevalence of gangs using social networks to recruit new members.

In Quotes: "It's rather embarrassing..."

"It's rather embarrassing when somebody steals my credit cards." -- Visa CEO Joseph Saunders told conference attendees in New York about losing his wallet.

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