Earthquake In California Eminent...Or Not

New calculations touted by Southern California Earthquake Center and California Geological Survey predicted that there's a 99.7 percent likelihood an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 or greater will occur in California within the next 30 years. A 7.5 magnitude or greater quake will only have a 46 percent chance of occurring.

Marilyn Monroe's Sex Film Sold For $1.5 Million

A New York businessman has paid $1.5 million for a 15 minutes black and white film of Marilyn Monroe engaging in a sex act with an unidentified man. However, you won't be seeing this online anytime soon.

Blockbuster Puts In Bid To Acquire Circuit City

Blockbuster announced this Monday morning that it has put in a bid to acquire the struggling electronics retailer Circuit City chain for at least $6/share, a 54% premium over CC's April 11 closing price.

Toy Story 3, Cars 2, Rapunzel And More

At a presentation on Monday April 7, John Lasseter previewed movies that will be coming down the pipeline from Disney and Pixar.

From this year till 2012, big D will release a total of 10 theatrical movies in which eight of them will be in 3D starting with the movie "Up." "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2" will be re-release in 3D just before the third sequel hit the screens.

How Do They Say Freedom Fries In Chinese?

As a result of what happened during the Paris leg of the Olympic torch relay, Chinese netizens are urging others to boycott French products, according to the Financial Times.

While there were protests in other countries, the Paris leg seemed to elicit the strongest reactions among the Chinese internet users, according postings on internet chatrooms and bulletin boards.

James Cameron On 3D And His Plans After "Avatar"

Variety has a long interview (shorter version here) with director James Cameron on the technology he thinks will transform the movie experience, making it more immersive. However, he believes that 3-D or stereo, the word he prefers, is just another tool for the director to use.

Can A Set-top Box Save Blockbuster?

Blockbuster will be jumping into the movie streaming business with its own set-top box and will announce the service sometime this month, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The device will connect to the TV and will allow people to rent and, presumably, buy movies and TV shows over the internet.

The Hidden Cost Of Going Green

Food prices are going up everywhere and the hardest hit are people in the poorest countries like Africa and Vietnam. People in the first world are not immune either.

Among the contributors in the price hikes are high oil prices, increased demands from the nouveau riche like China and India, and energy policies favoring petrolium alternatives like biofuel.

H&M Is Europe's Top Brand

You've seen those H&M stores popping up in malls across the U.S., 146 of them as of Feb 29,2008 to be exact. You may even have been in one. What you probably don't know is H&M is Europe's top brand according to consulting firm Interbrand.

Starbucks Hopes New Blend Will Perk Up Sales

Starbucks has a new blend it calls Pike Place Roast it hopes can jump start the company amid slowing growth. It will be available everyday "alongside the traditional 'Morning Pick' for customers desiring a flavor adventure," the company says.

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