Temp Teacher Who Said Santa Doesn't Exist Told Not to Return

A temporary teacher who told a class of seven-year-olds that Santa doesn't exist was barred from returning to the school after parents complained. Some of the parents said they have to spend hours convincing their children that the Jolly One do indeed exist.

Russian Businessman Trademarked the Emoticon ;); Will Try to Get Companies to Pay Up

The Russian businessman Oleg Teterin said he had been granted the trademark for the emoticon ;) by Russia's patent agency and that companies using it without a license will have to pay up.

In Quotes: "As president I couldn't allow us to keep paying a debt"

"... as president I couldn't allow us to keep paying a debt that was obviously immoral and illegitimate." -- Ecuador's President Rafael Correa on why his country will default on billions of foreign debt.

Woman Tried to Smuggle Monkey Under Her Shirt

The 28-year-old Gypsy Lawson and her mother were convicted in Thailand for trying to smuggle a rhesus monkey out of the country by hiding it under her loose-fitting blouse.

Desperate for a Job, Woman Wears Her Resume

A 29-year-old Los Angelino is so frustrated with her job hunt that she's taken to wearing a t-shirt with her resume printed on the front and her cover letter on the back.

In Quotes: "I just can't stand..."

"I just can't stand the thought of them doing away with Saturn." -- Proud Saturn owner Dianne Pollard said on General Motors' plan to do away with the car line.

Scientists Developed Material With Properties of Both Plastic and Metal

Scientists in Germany have developed a composite material that can conduct electricity like metal but with the weight and cost of plastic.

Max Planck Institute Mistakenly Prints Macau Brothel Ad on Journal Cover; Thought It Was Poetry

The Max Planck Institute in German was embarrassed to learn that the "poetry" that graced their special issue on China was effectively an ad for a brothel in Macau promising, among other things, "hot housewives in action."

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