Murder Suspect Wouldn't Shut Up; Led To Capture

Kazuyoshi Miura, a suspect accused of killing his wife, Kazumi, 27 years ago was nabbed by the authorities and will face trail for that murder in Los Angeles.

What led the authorities to him was his own blog posts where he mentioned travel plans to Saipan, a U.S. territory and popular tourist destination north of Guam. Unbeknownst to him, his blog was being monitored by the police.

Murdoch Begins WSJ Makeover By Firing Longtime WSJ Lawyer

Remember the assurances made by Rupert Murdoch about editorial independence and trying not to change the Wall Street Journal all that much? Well, changes are a coming to the paper. Today, Stuart Karle, the general counsel for the WSJ since 1992, was fired and was given till the end of March to pack up.

Hillary Clinton's "Red Phone" Ad; Barack Obama's Response

Clinton's Red Phone Ad It's 3AM. Your children are safe and asleep and something's happening in the world. Who do you trust to answer that phone call in the White House? Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton hopes the voters choose her to answer that call come election time based on her experience.

Victoria's Secret Brand Image Too Sexy, CEO Admitted

In a conference call with analysts, Sharen J. Turney, the CEO of intimate apparel maker Victoria's Secret, said the brand has gotten "too sexy."

"We've so much gotten off our heritage ... and we use the word sexy a lot and really have forgotten the ultra feminine," she said.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull To Make Cannes Premiere

Does Harrison Ford and his alter ego Indiana Jones have enough in them for another adventure? Those lucky attendees at the Cannes Film Festival will get to find out May 18, when it will be making its world debut. Don't fret too much if you can't make it to the festival though. Crystal Skull will open worldwide four days later on May 22.

Rupert Murdoch Already Affecting Editorial Decisions At Recently Acquired Publication

Rupert Murdoch Hugo Restall, the Editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review (FEER), a monthly publication with a circulation of less than 200k, had commissioned a review of a book critical of Rupert Murdoch but later chose not to publish it. He admitted to getting "cold feet."

Tmeter Update Of This Week's Movies

A Tomatometer snapshot of this week's major releases.

Former Gamerspot Reviewer Now At IGN

It didn't take too long for the displaced game reviewer Jason Ocampo to find a new home. As reported Wednesday, he left Gamespot, the fifth departure from the company since November 2007, for the wild blue younder. Kotaku reported that he had found a home at IGN, as their new PC Editor-in-Chief.

Turns Out Album Reviews On Maxim Are Fake Too

Maxim, the magazine known for its pictorials of scantily clad women, had been caught with its pants down, so to speak, in fabricating not one but two album reviews. The Black Crowes called them out when the magazine gave their new album, Warpaint, 2.5 stars.

Wolverine, Hulk, And Iron Man Tagged In Photos

This is for all you comic book movie fans. Empire Magazine has scored pics from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man. There are also some from Indy 4, Prince Caspian, and the next Harry Potter. Check them out here. (Thanks, RT!)

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