Variety On The Block

The parent company of industry trade mag Variety is putting it's business-to-business magazines up for sale, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Reed Elsevier Inc. hopes the sale will reduce their "exposure to advertising markets and cyclicality." More at

Two Live-action Akira Movies Coming Our Way

Two live-action movies based on Katsuhiro Otomo's six-volume graphic novel Akira are heading our way courtesy of Warner Bros. and Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way production house. The first of the two movies is targeted for a summer 2009 release date. Ruairi Robinson, whose previous works included short films and commercials, has been hired to direct features.

Edison Chen Halts Showbiz Career Amid Sex Photo Scandal

Edison ChenEdison Chen apologized for the sex photos leaked to the internet and announced that he will put his showbiz career on indefinite hold in a press conference.

"I will be away from Hong Kong entertainment indefinitely. There is no time frame," he said.

National Treasure 3: Benjamin Gates to Search for The Fountain of Youth ... or Atlantis ... or...

What's on page 47 in the President's book of secrets in National Treasure 2? Jim Hill seemed to know the answer. He wrote that the next installment would not have Gates traveling the globe looking for the Fountain of Youth as suggested by the fan community. Why?

Candy Land The Movie?

Based on the success of Transformers, Universal Pictures has entered in a six-year partnership with the toymaker Hasbro to produce as least four feature films based on other properties, Variety has learned.

Mutants Coming Together for X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Variety has a breakdown of the latest cast additions and who they will play in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The X-Men spinoff will focus on, well, the origins of Wolverine ... like it says in the title. Hugh Jackman will return as the title character.

Lindsay Lohan's Photos Crashed Website

Lindsay Lohan took off her clothes for NY Mag and the site crashed. These photos depict Lohan channelling Marilyn Monroe in various states of undress ala The Last Sitting photos a couple weeks before Monroe was found dead due to drug overdose.

Sylvester Stallone Working on Cliffhanger 2 ... According to Reports

Rotten Tomatoes did a pick up on an item posted on (citing "reports" as the source, no less!) about Sylvester Stallone neogtiating with Sony to bring back Gabe Walker for the sequel to Cliffhanger, titled The Dam.

Reasons Why the Number of Pandas Are Decreasing

BBC reporter James Renolds just hit upon a couple of the reasons why the number of pandas are dwindling.

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