Terminator 4 Motion Poster

Here's the "motion" poster for the fourth Terminator movie. The design of the terminator in the poster looks less and less like a machine and more like some creature from the underworld.

Collection Agency Demands Famous German Poet Pay His Dues

Friedrich Schiller The German debt collection agency, GEZ, sent numerous letters to Friedrich Schiller, demanding that he pay his TV and radio license fee.

Underwear Thief Arrested In Japan

Women's underwear 51-year-old Akira Hino was caught in the act of stealing a pair of women's underwear from a second-floor balcony. He told investigators that he's been pilfering undergarments from unsuspecting victims since he was 18.

Las Vegas Celebrates Its Heritage With Mob Museum

Mob Museum Sin City will pay tribute to its criminal past (?) with a new attraction, The Mob Museum


Bangkok Gubernatorial Candidate Chuvit Kamolvisit Assaults TV Reporter

Chuvit Kamolvisit Chuvit Kamolvisit, the trailing candidate in the election for the governor of Bangkok, elbowed a TV reporter in the face and while he's down on the ground, kicked him for good measure.

'Kung Fu Panda' Sequel In 3-D

Kung Fu Panda The sequel to "Kung Fu Panda," scheduled for release in June 3, 2011, will be in stereo 3-D, DreamWorks said.

World's Heaviest Man Loses Weight; To Tie The Knot

Manuel Uribe and Claudia Solis Manuel Uribe, 2006's Guinness Book of Records' heaviest man, has lost nearly half of his weight and will marry his girlfriend, Claudia Solis, on October 26.

Vietnamese Students Suspended For Dressing Up As Borat In 'Mankini'

Students dressed up as Borat in mankini Two students in Vietnam will receive a 12 months suspension from FPT University in Vietnam for performing as Borat in his infamous mankini.

'Huri Puttar' Wins In Court But Not With Critics Nor At The Box Office

Hari Puttar "Hari Puttar -- A Comedy of Terrors," the Indian comedy that Warner Bros. deemed too similar in name to their box office gold mine, Harry Potter, may have won against the Hollywood studio in its suit to have the name changed but that's the only good news for the movie.

Cop Asked To Remove House Cat; Found Mountain Lion Instead

Mountain Lion Police officer Mike Ableman of Casper, WY was called in to remove a "kitty cat" from a woman's house. Instead, the "kitty cat" turned out to be a mountain lion.

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